The Family History of Janet Lovesey

The families that are detailed below all resided in Frances Road during the early part of the 20th Century...  Some were there from the 'off' at the 1901 Census and the majority still have relatives in one form or another that continue to live in and around Frances Road.  Please note, that none of the persons mentioned are still living.

Photograph taken circa 1952-53 looking towards the Lifford Lane end of Frances Road (see bottom of page for coloured version)

This page is a homage to the memory of such characters as Aggie Snipe who as an old lady would sit on a dining chair outside her home with a huge smile and a big Brummie greeting to all that passed by; to Phoebe Salisbury who would shuffle up and down the road in her slippers with son Billy in tow as she delivered the 'pink' - the Sports Argus late on a Saturday afternoon; to Martha Gregory who would get us kids to pop up the outdoor for her bottle of Stout, well hidden inside a deep shopping bag; to Saturday's spent at Granny Hickey's'; to 'Mrs Robb' - Cis Roberts who ran the 'Top Shop' for many years; to the genteel Miss Hobley who taught piano and ('twas said by all who knew her) hung her carpets on the wall instead of on the floor; to that very lovely couple Mr & Mrs Beetlestone who were married for over 60 years and died within a few months of each other; to Nellie Stokes who loved a good sing-song up the Ex-Servicemen's Club; to Mary Ross who was as wide as she was tall and could often be found at the 'Bottom Shop' sharing a bawdy joke with Molly Hickey and Pat Smith; to Cyril Harris who loved his garden; to another gentle couple Mr & Mrs Badger; to my wonderful neighbour Trixie Derrington who had a heart of gold and always made sure that me and mine never went without; to the Mrs' Hunt, Patrick, Pettigrew and Brown whose windows we always tended to hit with the ball; to another gentle soul -  Mrs Howes who I would often see standing at her wall and watching the world go by;  and to 'Our Roey' - my Nan who always (without fail except for mass on a Sunday) had a fag in her mouth, a twinkle in her eye, love in her heart...  and a worried look on her face!..

The Snipe Family

see also  The Harrison Family

Generation No.1
1. Leslie SNIPE. Born in 1900 in Kings Norton, Worcs.  At the 1901 Census, Leslie SNIPE lived at 62 Holly Road, Cotteridge.

Leslie married Agnes JELFS formerly HARRISON; marriage registered at Birmingham Sth in 1927.
On  the  1966 Electoral Roll, 'Les & Aggie'  lived at 64 Frances Road.  Aggie died in February of 1985; Les had preceded her.

Generation No.2
2. Charles Arthur SNIPE. Born circa 1874 in Kings Norton, Worcs.  At the 1881 Census, Charles was living at The Village, Kings Norton; By 1891, he was living at Rose Villas (off what is now the Pershore Road), Stirchley and was working at the Paper Works.  By 1901, Charles and wife Margaret were living at 62 Holly Road, Cotteridge.  His occupation is given as Metal Caster.

In 1898, when Charles was 24, he married Margaret Ann SIMPSON.
They had the following children ...
                i.      Arthur John H SNIPE (b.1898)
      1       ii.      Leslie SNIPE (b.1900)
               iii.      Florence SNIPE (b.1912)
              iv.      Frederick W SNIPE (b.1914)
               v.      Alfred SNIPE (b.1916)
              vi.      George SNIPE (b.1918)
              vii.      Frank E SNIPE (b.1919)
3. Margaret Ann SIMPSON. Born in 1876 in Westmorland.

Generation No.3

4. Henry SNIPE. Born in 1847 in Kings Norton, Worcs.  At the 1851 Census, Henry was living at Kings Norton.  By 1871, he was a Railway Labourer living at Turves Green, Northfield and at 1881 he was living at The Village, Kings Norton working as a Labourer.

Henry married Ellen RUSSELL.
They had ...
      2       i.      Charles Arthur SNIPE (b.1874)
5. Ellen RUSSELL. Born in 1848 in Northfield, Worcs.

Generation No.4
8. William SNIPE. Born in 1802 in Beoley, Worcs. William died in 1872 in Kings Norton, Worcs; he was 70.  At the 1841 Census, William was living at The Village, Kings Norton and working as an Agricultural Labourer.  1851 & 1861 similarly give William as being an Agricultural Labourer or just 'Labourer' and living at Kings Norton Village.

On May 20 1830, when William was 28, he married Susannah HALE.
They had ...
      4       i.      Henry SNIPE (b.1847)
9. Susannah HALE. Born in 1805 in Worcester.

Generation No.5
16. John SNIPE.

On Nov 07 1786, John married Mary MILLWARD.
They had ...
      8       i.      William SNIPE (1802 - 1872)
17. Mary MILLWARD.

The Harrison Family

see also The Snipe Family

Generation No.1
1. Agnes HARRISON. Born on Apr 10 1900 in Bromsgrove. Agnes died on Feb 1985 in Birmingham; she was 84.  In 1927 registered at Birmingham South.  At the 1901 Census, Agnes was living with her family at 22 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

Agnes married Leslie SNIPE
At the 1966 Electoral Roll, Agnes was living with her husband Les at 64 Frances Road.

Generation No.2
2. Henry HARRISON. Born in 1871 in Droitwich, Worcs.  At the 1901 Census, Henry as a Canal Boatman living at 22 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

In 1896, when Henry was 25, he married Annie MERRELL.
They had the following children ...
            i.       Amelia Merrell HARRISON (b.1892)
            ii.       James HARRISON (b.1897)
            iii.      Joseph HARRISON (b.1899)
   1       iv.      Agnes HARRISON (1900 - 1985)
3. Annie MERRELL. Born in 1874 in Dodderhill, Worcs.

The Howes Family

see also The Gregory Family

Generation No.1
1. Bertie HOWES. Born in 1896 in Kings Norton, Worcestershire.   At the 1901 Census, Bertie was living with his family at 31 Midland Road in Cotteridge.  By 1921 he is shown on the Electoral Roll as residing at 68 Frances Road, Cotteridge; he is at this address on the 1946/7 & 1966 Voters Register.

Bertie married Alice GREGORY.

Generation No.2
2. John HOWES. Born in 1859 in Web Heath, Redditch, Worcester.  At the 1881 Census he is a Bricklayer residing at Court 5, 1 Upper Highgate Street, Deritend.  At the 1891 Census, John, still a Bricklayer is at 9 Court, 1 Darwin Street, Deritend.  By the 1901 Census, John and family are living at 31 Midland Road, Cotteridge and continues to lay bricks.  On the 1921 Electoral Roll, John and wife Eliza are living at 68 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

John married Eliza WHITTINGHAM*.
They had the following children ...
             i.      John Thomas HOWES (b.1882)
             ii.      William HOWES (b.1886)
            iii.      Alice HOWES (b.1887)
            iv.      Arthur HOWES (b.1887)
            v.      Jessie HOWES (b.1889)
            vi.      Albert HOWES (b.1891)
            vii.      Lizzie HOWES (b.1893)
  1       viii.      Bertie HOWES (b.1896)
            ix.      Lily HOWES (b.1899)
3. Eliza WHITTINGHAM*. Born in 1860 in Birmingham.

Generation No.3
4. John HOWES. Born in 1831 in Worcestershire or Warwickshire. John died in 1902 in Kings Norton; he was 71.  At the 1841 Census, John is living at Web Heath Road, Tardebigg, Worcestershire.  By 1861, he is at Web Heath Lane, Headless Cross, Worcestershire; his occupation is given as Bricklayer.  On the 1871 Census, John is still a Bricklayer living at Brazil Place, Highgate Lane, Deritend.  By 1881 John, still Bricklaying is at 26 Upper Highgate Street, Deritend.

On Jun 1850, when John was 19, he married Ann Maria WILKES.
They had the following children ...
             i.      Elizabeth HOWES (b.1853)
            ii.      Ann HOWES (b.1854)
            iii.      Charlotte HOWES (b.1856)
  2       iv.      John HOWES (b.1859)
            v.      Ann Maria HOWES (b.1860)
            vi.      Emma HOWES (b.1862)
           vii.      Hannah HOWES (b.1864)
           viii.      Ann M HOWES (b.1865)
            ix.      Fanny HOWES (b.1870)
            x.      Albert HOWES (b.1872)
5. Ann Maria WILKES. Born in 1832 in Web Heath, Worcestershire. Ann died in 1896 in Aston; she was 64.

Generation No.4
8. John HOWES. Born in 1800 in Knowle, Warks.  aT THE 1861 Census, John was a Bricklayer living at Web Heath Lane, Tardebigge, Worcs.

John married Hannah UNKNOWN.
They had the following children ...
    4       i.      John HOWES (1831 - 1902)
             ii.      Ann HOWES (b.1836)
            iii.      Charlotte HOWES (b.1839)
            iv.      Thomas HOWES (b.1842)
9. Hannah UNKNOWN. Born in 1801 in Balsall, Warks.

The Gregory Family

see also The Howes Family

Generation No.1
1. Alice GREGORY. Born on Nov 29 1900 in Madeley, Shropshire. 

Alice married Bertie HOWES. On both the 1946/7 & the 1966 Electoral Rolls, Alice was living at 68 Frances Road, Cotteridge.    

Generation No.2
2. Timothy GREGORY. Born in 1862 in Bayston Hill, Shropshire.  At the 1901 Census, Timothy was a Goods Carter on the Railway  living at Station Road, Madeley, Wenlock, Shropshire.  At the time the 1921 Electoral Roll was recorded, he was living at 106 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

In 1889, when Timothy was 27, he married Eliza SPEAKE.
They had the following children ...
             i.      Timothy G GREGORY (b.1888)
             ii.      Matilda GREGORY (b.1890)
             iii.      Elizabeth GREGORY (b.1892)
            iv.      Jane GREGORY (b.1894)
            v.      John GREGORY (b.1896)
            vi.      Martha GREGORY (b.1899)
  1       vii.      Alice GREGORY (b.1900)
3. Eliza SPEAKE. Born in 1863 in Church Stretton, Shropshire.

Generation No.3
4. John GREGORY. Born in 1818 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

In 1848, when John was 30, he married Matilda A COPE.
They had  ...
      2       i.      Timothy GREGORY (b.1862)
5. Matilda A COPE. Born in 1827 in Shropshire.

The Fisher Family

Generation No.1
1. Walter O FISHER. Born in 1898 in Kings Norton [Qtr Jan].  At the 1901 Census, a young Walter was living at 87 Frances Road with 8 other family members and 2 boarders.  His residence at the 1966 Electoral Roll was at 82 Frances Road with wife Mary. 

Walter married Mary E SIMPSON

Generation No.2
2. James FISHER. Born in 1863 in Droitwich, Worcester.  At the 1881 Census, James was working as a Pan Smith's Labourer and living at Vines Lane, Dodderhill in Liberties, Droitwich.  By 1891 he was a General Labourer residing at 3 House, 11 Court, Devon Street, Duddeston and by the 1901 Census, James was a Locomotive Engineer? (Fuse or Tube) Worker in M.R.C and living at 87 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

In 1889, when James was 26, he married Ada Eliza BUTT.
They had the following children ...
             i.       Albert J FISHER (b.1890)
             ii.       Bertha E FISHER (b.1891)
            iii.       Robert A FISHER (b.1893)
            iv.      James FISHER (b.1894)
             v.      Minnie FISHER (b.1897)
    1      vi.      Walter O FISHER (b.1898)
           vii.       Violet M FISHER (b.1900)
3. Ada Eliza BUTT. Born in 1869 in B`ham, Warks.

Generation No.3
4. George FISHER. Born in 1827 in Droitwich, Worcs.  At the 1881 Census, George was a Saltmaker living at Dodderhill in Liberties, Worcs.

In 1850, when George was 23, he married Margaret BATEMAN.
They had ...
      2       i.      James FISHER (b.1863)
5. Margaret BATEMAN. Born in 1831 in Droitwich, Worcs.

The Richardson Family

see also The Hickey & Badger Families

Generation No.1
1v. Agnes Maria RICHARDSON. Born in 1893 in Worcester City.  At the 1901 Census, Agnes was living with her family at 26 Frances Road, Cotteridge.  Agnes died in 1934 in Birmingham; she was 41. 
Agnes married John Patrick HICKEY in 1924 at Birmingham Sth.  

1i. Ellen Elizabeth RICHARDSON.  Born circa 1882 in Droitwich.
Ellen married Charles Frederick MILLER in 1907 at Kings Norton.   

1iv.  Florence May RICHARDSON.  Born circa 1889 in Worcester.
Florence married William DOCKER in 1915 at Kings Norton.  They are together on the 1921 Electoral Roll at 54 Frances Road.  At the 1901 Census, Florence is living with her family at 26 Frances Road, Cotteridge.

Generation No.2
2. John RICHARDSON. Born circa 1852 in Hanbury, Worcestershire.   At the 1901 Census, John was a General Labourer (Builder) living at 26 Frances Road; he was still at this address at the 1921 Electoral Roll.

In 1881, when John was 29, he married Elizabeth KNIGHT.
They had the following children ...
    1        i.       Ellen Elizabeth RICHARDSON (b.1882)
              ii.      Margaret RICHARDSON (b.1883)
             iii.      Mary RICHARDSON (b.1885)
    1       iv.      Florence May RICHARDSON (b.1889)
    1       v.      Agnes Maria RICHARDSON (1893 - 1934)
             vi.      Emily Maud RICHARDSON (b.1895)
             vii.     Gladys RICHARDSON (b.1899)
3. Elizabeth KNIGHT. Born in 1862 in Birmingham, Warks.

 The Badger Family

see also The Richardson Family

Generation No.1

1.i  Leonard George BADGER. Born on Mar 08 1911 in Kings Norton [reg]. Leonard died on Aug 1993 in Birmingham; he was 82.
Len married  Amy Ellen Miller, daughter of  Ellen Elizabeth Richardson and Charles Miller.  On the 1966 Electoral Roll, Leonard and Amy were recorded at 72 Frances Road.

1.ii  Henry C BADGER.  Born in 1913 in Kings Norton [reg].  At the 1966 Electoral Roll, Henry was living at 76 Frances Road.

Generation No.2

2. Thomas BADGER. Born in 1880 in Stoke Prior, Worcs.
In 1905, when Thomas was 25, he married Agnes Ellen HODSON.   At the 1921 Electoral Roll, Thomas & Agnes Ellen were recorded at 70 Frances Road.

They had the following children ...
    1     i.     Leonard George BADGER (1911 - 1993)
    1     ii.    Henry C BADGER (b.1913)

3. Agnes Ellen HODSON. Born in 1886 in Birmingham [reg Qtr Mar].

Generation No.3

4. Thomas BADGER. Born in 1847 in Hanbury, Worcs.
In 1872, when Thomas was 25, he married Emma NASH.

They had several children including ...
    2     i.     Thomas BADGER (b.1880)

5. Emma NASH. Born in 1848 in Martin Hussingtree, Worcs.

Generation No.4

8. Charles BADGER. Born in 1814 in Peopleton, Worcs.
Charles married Marien ?.

They had several children including ...
4 i. Thomas BADGER (b.1847)

9. Marien ?. Born in 1815 in Knowle, Warks.

 The Stokes Family

    see also The Styles Family

Generation No.1

1. Robert F STOKES. Born in 1914 in Kings Norton [reg Qtr Jun]. 

Robert married Nellie Styles;  on the 1966 Electoral Roll, they are recorded as living at 18 Frances Road.

Generation No.2

2. Robert STOKES. Born in 1883 in Stirchley, Worcs.  At the 1901 Census, Robert was a Chocolate Moulder living at 84 Charlotte Road, Stirchley.

In 1912, when Robert was 29, he married Sarah Ann MILBURN.
They had several children including ...
    1       i.   Robert F STOKES (b.1914)

3. Sarah Ann MILBURN. Born in 1886 in Sparkbrook, Worcs.

Generation No.3

4. James S STOKES. Born in 1850 in Inkberrow, Worcs.  At the 1851 Census, James was living at 'Strutley' Street (Stirchley Street now known as the Pershore Road); At the 1891 Census, James was a Strip Caster living on Hazelwell Street, Stirchley and at the 1901 Census, he was a Brass Strip Caster living at 84 Charlotte Road.

In 1870, when James was 20, he married Jane SUMPTER.
They had several children including ...
     2      i.    Robert STOKES (b.1883)

5. Jane SUMPTER. Born in 1852 in Welham, Leics.

Generation No.4

8. Charles STOKES. Born in 1827 in Inkberrow, Worcs.

On Jul 25 1847, when Charles was 20, he married Ann LEDBURY*.
They had several children includin ...
    4     i.   James S STOKES (b.1850)

9. Ann LEDBURY*. Born in 1829 in Inkberrow, Worcs.

Generation No.5

16. Thomas STOKES. Born in 1794 in Inkberrow*.

On Dec 25 1819, when Thomas was 25, he married Ann ROUGH.
They had several children including ...
    8       i.   Charles STOKES (b.1827)

17. Ann ROUGH.

 The Hickey Family

see also The Lovesey, Styles & Richardson Families 

Generation No.1

1. Rosina Beatrice HICKEY. Born on Dec 14 1917 in 52 Frances Road, Cotteridge, Worcs. Rosina died on Mar 04 1983 in 52 Frances Road, Cotteridge, Worcs; she was 65.  At the Electoral Rolls of 1946 and 1966, Rose was living at 44 Frances Road.

Rose married Leonard Charles Lovesey on 26 June 1938 at St's Joseph & Helen RC Church, Kings Norton

Generation No.2

2. Laurence HICKEY. Born on Jul 28 1872 in 12 half Ct, Kenion Street, All Saints, Birmingham. Laurence died on Jun 26 1949 in 52 Frances Road, Cotteridge, B`ham; he was 76.  At the 1891 Census, Laurence was living at 13 Pope Street, Hockley.  By the 1901 Census, Laurence and his young family were living at 6 Gumbley Terrace, The Dingle (off the canal wharf), Selly Oak; he was a Cycle Mud Guard Maker.  At the Electoral Rolls of 1921 and 1946, he was living at 52 Frances Road.

On Dec 19 1896, when Laurence was 24, he married Sophia Lavinia TURLAND.

They had the following children ...
        i.      John (Jack) Patrick HICKEY (1897 - 1969)
        ii.      William Laurence HICKEY (1899 - 1918)
        iii.     Alfred George Baden HICKEY (1900 - 1969)
        iv.    Catherine (Kate) Lavinia HICKEY (1903 - 1986)
        v.     Christopher HICKEY (1906 - 1971)
        vi.     Ernest HICKEY (1910 - 1973)
        vii.    Vincent HICKEY (1912 - 1962)
       viii.    Joseph HICKEY (1913 - 1917)
   1   ix.    Rosina Beatrice HICKEY (1917 - 1983)
        x.     Reginald Victor HICKEY (1921 - 1971)

3. Sophia Lavinia TURLAND. Born on Oct 04 1878 in back of 258 Farm Street, Hockley, Birmingham. Sophia died on Jan 15 1968 in 52 Frances Road, Cotteridge; she was 89.

Generation No.3

4. Patrick HICKEY. Born in 1832 in Co Cork, Ireland. Patrick died in 1890 in Birmingham, Warks; he was 58.

On Oct 28 1855, when Patrick was 23, he married Catherine CANNON.
They had several children including ...
    2     i.     Laurence HICKEY (1872 - 1949)

5. Catherine CANNON. Born on Jan 02 1836 in Birmingham, Warks. Catherine died in 1910 in Ford Street, Hockley; she was 73.

Generation No.4

8. Michael HICKEY. Born in Cork, Ireland.

 The Salisbury Family

Generation No.1

1. Phoebe Ann SALISBURY. Born in 1907 in Kings Norton [reg Qtr Jun].  At the 1966 Electoral Roll, Phoebe was living at 4 Frances Road

Generation No.2

2. Thomas Edward SALISBURY. Born in 1873 in Worcestershire.  At the 1901 Census, Thomas was a Labourer Carter living at 96 Frances Road.  At the Electoral Roll of 1921, Thomas was living at 4 Frances Road.

In 1898, when Thomas was 25, he married Phoebe Ann HICKMAN.
They had the following children ...
        i.      Thomas Edward SALISBURY (1901 - 1901)
 1    ii.      Phoebe Ann SALISBURY (b.1907)
        iii.     George W SALISBURY (b.1911)
        iv.     Queenie I E HICKMAN (b.1915)

3. Phoebe Ann HICKMAN. Born in 1873 in Stourport, Worcs.