The Family History of Janet Lovesey

The above map shows the Yorkshire Ridings (separated for clarity).  The term  'Riding' lends itself from Old Norse meaning 'part of three'.  Each Riding is further divided into Wapentakes, a term also derived from the Old Norse 'Vapnatak' which roughly interpreted means an administrative area similar to a 'Hundred'.

In the above map, I  have only highlighted the Wapentakes that I have an ancestral interest in; therefore, in the North Riding, only the Rydale, Birdforth, Allertonshire, Halikeld, Hang East, Hang West and Bulmer Wapentakes are shown.

My aim for the sub-pages of the North Riding is that they will soon hold my transcription of census data from 1841-1901 for the villages in the North Riding where my maternal ancestors hailed from namely Melmerby, Husthwaite, Bagby and Nunnington; the transcription for Nosterfield and West Tanfield are already under way...

updated August 2008