The Family History of Janet Lovesey

The Hayton, Bowes, Ward & Peacock Clans

This is the only known photograph of my Great Grandmother Alice Hayton.  It was taken in a field, somewhere in Yorkshire in the late 1920s when she and the others present were potato picking... Alice hated having her photograph taken!

Alice is on the right of the photograph

This is the Grave of Thomas Henry Hayton and wife Frances Mary Hayton (nee Bowes).  They are buried in the Churchyard of St Mary in Wath.  The Headstone inscription reads

Loving Memory of Thomas H Hayton
of Wath
who Died Jan'y 29th 1919
Aged 62

Also Frances Mary
Beloved Wife of the above named
who Died April 17th 1928
Aged 65


 Generation No. 2 ~ Maternal

   3. Alice HAYTON. Born on Sep 21 1882 in Wath Yorks, England. Alice died in Melmerby circa 1949.

  In 1907, when Alice was 24, she married Thomas WARRIOR.
  They had the following children ...
              i.      Mabel HAYTON (b.1906)
             ii.      John WARRIOR (b.1907)
             iii.      Cyril WARRIOR (b.1910)
             iv.      Phyllis WARRIOR (b.1913)
             v.      Henrietta WARRIOR (b.1916)
   1       vi.      Ellen Maria WARRIOR (1919 - 1986)
            vii.      George Frederick WARRIOR (b.1922)
            viii.      Dorothy WARRIOR (b.1925)
   2. Thomas WARRIOR. Born in 1868 in North Stainley Yorks, England. Thomas died in 1929 in Melmerby; he was 61 as the result of a railway             accident.  Thomas was a platelayer who happened to be deaf when a train that he didn't hear coming, hit him.

 Generation No. 3 ~ Maternal

6. Thomas Henry HAYTON.  Born in 1857 in Husthwaite, Yorks.  Thomas died on 29 January 1919 and is buried in the churchyard of St Mary in Wath; he was 62.

In 1882, when Thomas was 25, he married Frances Mary BOWES.
They had the following children ...
   3        i.      Alice HAYTON (b.1882)
             ii.      Ellen HAYTON (b.1883)
            iii.      Thomas William HAYTON (b.1886)
            iv.      Rose Mary HAYTON (b.1889)
            v.      John Henry HAYTON (b.1895)
            vi.      Frances Annie HAYTON (b.1897)
            vii.      Robert HAYTON (b.1903)
7. Frances Mary BOWES. Born in 1863 in Husthwaite Yorks. She died on 17 April 1928 and is buried in the churchyard of St Mary in Wath

 Generation No. 4 ~ Maternal

 12. William HAYTON. Born in 1821 in Bagby Yorks.

  In 1845, when William was 24, he married Mary Ann WARD.
  They had the following children ...
             i.      John HAYTON, b.1846 (b.1846)
             ii.      William HAYTON, b.1847 (b.1847)
             iii.      Martha HAYTON (b.1849)
            iv.      Henry HAYTON (b.1852)
            v.      Thomas HAYTON (1854 - 1855)
  6       vi.      Thomas Henry HAYTON (1857 - 1919)
            vii.      Peter HAYTON (b.1858)
           viii.      James Henry HAYTON (1860 - 1864)
            ix.      James HAYTON (b.1865)
             x.      Sarah Ann HAYTON (b.1865)
             xi.      Mary Ann HAYTON (b.1867)
  13. Mary Ann WARD. Born in 1826 in Leeds.

  14. William BOWES. Born in 1830 in Knayton Yorks. William died in 1903,  Easingwold; he was 73.

  On Apr 30 1853, when William was 23, he married Ellen PEACOCK.
  They had the following children ...
             i.      John BOWES (b.1853)
             ii.      William BOWES, b.1856 (b.1856)
             iii.      Robert BOWES (b.1859)
            iv.      Thomas BOWES (b.1862)
   7       v.      Frances Mary BOWES (b.1863)
            vi.      Sarah Jane BOWES (b.1866)
            vii.      Rosamond BOWES (b.1871)
  15. Ellen PEACOCK. Born in 1829 in Nunnington, Yorks. Ellen died in 1875 in Easingwold; she was 46.

 Generation No. 5 ~ Maternal

  24. John HAYTON. Born in 1790 in Yorks.

  John married Ann UNKNOWN, b.1787.
  They had the following children ...
                i.      Esther HAYTON (b.1818)
   12       ii.      William HAYTON (b.1821)
               iii.      Mary HAYTON (b.1824)
               iv.      Sarah HAYTON (b.1827)
  25. Ann UNKNOWN, b.1787. Born in 1787 in Middleham, Yorkshire, England. Ann died on Dec 1851 reg Thirsk; she was 64.

  26. Peter WARD. Born in 1803 in Kilvington.

  On Aug 27 1823, when Peter was 20, he married Sarah SIMPSON.
  They had the following children ...
   13       i.      Mary Ann WARD (b.1826)
              ii.      Thomas WARD (b.1826)
              iii.      William WARD, b.1828 (b.1828)
              iv.      Peter WARD, b.1830 (b.1830)
              v.      John WARD (b.1835)
              vi.      William WARD, b.1840 (b.1840)
  27. Sarah SIMPSON. Born on Feb 05 1801 in Holbeck, Leeds, Yorks.

  28. unknown BOWES.
   Had the following known child ...
     14. William BOWES. Born in 1830 in Knayton Yorks


  30. William PEACOCK. Born in 1797 in Nunnington, Yorkshire, England. William died in 1874 in Helmsley; he was 77.

  William married Mary UNKNOWN, b.1791.
  They had the following children ...
                i.      William PEACOCK, b.1816 (b.1816)
                ii.      Frances PEACOCK (b.1821)
   15       iii.      Ellen PEACOCK (1829 - 1875)
               iv.      Sarah PEACOCK (b.1832)
  31. Mary UNKNOWN, b.1791. Born in 1791 in Yorkshire ?, England.

 Generation No. 6 ~ Maternal

  52. Peter WARD, b.1769. Born in 1769 in Sth Kilvington, Yorks.

  On Oct 21 1794, when Peter was 25, he married Mary TAYLOR.
  They had the following children ...
                  i.      Robert WARD (b.1795)
                 ii.      William WARD (b.1797)
    26       iii.      Peter WARD (b.1803)
  53. Mary TAYLOR. Born in 1773 in Sessay, Yorks.

  54. Robert SIMPSON. Born in 1775 in Holbeck, Leeds, Yorks.

  In 1793, when Robert was 18, he married Hannah BYWATER.
  They had the following children ...
    27       i.      Sarah SIMPSON (b.1801)
               ii.      Joseph Bywater SIMPSON (b.1803)
               iii.      Keziah SIMPSON (b.1804)
              iv.      Thomas SIMPSON (b.1806)
               v.      Ann SIMPSON (b.1809)
  55. Hannah BYWATER.

 Generation No. 7 ~ Maternal

104. William WARD, 1.

In 1752, William married Anne SCOTT.
They had the following children ...
               i.      Robert WARD, b.1753 (b.1753)
              ii.      Elizabeth WARD (b.1755)
              iii.      Ralph WARD (b.1757)
             iv.      William WARD, b.1759 (b.1759)
              v.      John WARD, b.1763 (b.1763)
  52       vi.      Peter WARD, b.1769 (b.1769)
105. Anne SCOTT.