The Family History of Janet Lovesey

The Hutchinson, Todd & Bolton Families...

 My Great-grandmother ~ Elizabeth Hutchinson, known as 'Lily'

 Left  - Right...   Lily aged 16 upon entering her Dressmaking Apprenticeship circa 1895,...   and   Lily circa  1900

 The Todd - Bolton Dilemma

Left - Henrietta Margaret Todd aged 17 circa 1858-59

Below - Henrietta Hutchinson (nee Todd) some years later

My late Great Aunt - Irene Hymas used to correspond with me in the 1980s when I had started to develop a keen interest in my  family history.  She  sent me numerous copies of  photographs of my Hymas and Hutchinson ancestors, and even though she was in her 70s, she sent me a word-processed document of 3 Generations of her family tree which is reproduced below...

Auntie Rene had told me that the Todd's and Bolton's were from the Nosterfield / West Tanfield area of Yorkshire and that John Todd was a Farmer;  Rene also knew that her Gran had a sister known as 'Bessy'. 

It was only when I came to look for source data that I hit a few problems...

An initial search of the IGI showed that in West Tanfield, 1823, a John Todd had married a 'Hannah'  Maria Bolton which didn't trouble me too much, the IGI transcription is not cast in stone and is certainly not complete however whilst the 1841 Census showed John (a Farmer) and 'Maria' living in West Tanfield, 1851 showed a widowed John living in Leeds with his children... but no Margaret Henrietta (or her sister  Bessie) was with him.   There was however a 'Henrietta' Todd living with her 'parents' Thomas Todd and Bessy in Nosterfield at 1851 (along with sister Bessy). 

A search of both the IGI and the BMD register was then undertaken.  No  'Henrietta's' or 'Margaret's' (or Bessie's circa 1844)  were found on the IGI for the area and only one 'Henrietta' appeared on the Civil Births registry at Qtr December 1841 in Ripon (a possible sister - 'Betsey' Todd's birth was also registered in Ripon at Qtr Jun 1844). 

A Birth Certificate for 'Henrietta Todd was hastily obtained; this showed that on 28 October 1841 at Nosterfield, Henrietta  Todd was born to Thomas Todd and Bessy Todd (formerly Bolton).  This ties in with the census return for 1851 whereby Henrietta age 9yrs was living with 'parents' Thomas and Bessy (and sibling Bessy).  

The headstone of Thomas and Bessy Todd in the Churchyard of St Nicholas in West Tanfield  is inscribed

To the Memory
Alice Todd . Daughter of
Thomas and Bessy Todd
of Nosterfield
who Died Aug 25 1854
Aged 8 Years

Also the said Bessy Todd
who Died March 28 1855
Aged 50 Years

Also the said Thomas Todd
who died August 31 1860
Aged 56 Years

Subsequent Census, IGI and BMD data can be found at the foot of the page;  meanwhile, I'm going to send off for the Marriage Certificate of William Hutchinson and Henrietta Margaret Todd whose marriage was registered in Ripon in Qtr Mar 1862 in order to discover who is named as her father....    to be continued!

The Hutchinson Family Tree

 Generation No. 2 ~ Maternal

3. Elizabeth HUTCHINSON.  Born on Oct 23 1879 in Bishop Monkton, Yorks.  Elizabeth died on Dec 23 1966 in Cardiff; she was 87.

In 1902, when Thomas was 23, he married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON.
They had the following children ...
            i.       Eric Watson HYMAS (1903 - 1986)
            ii.      Irene HYMAS (1913 - 2003)
 1       iii.      Thomas Alva HYMAS (1915 - 1977)
2. Thomas Watson HYMAS.  Born on Jul 23 1878 in Burton Leonard, Yorks.  Thomas died on Dec 29 1942 in Yorks; he was 64.

 Generation No. 3 ~ Maternal

  6. William HUTCHINSON. Born on Jun 22 1838 in Cold Kirby, Yorks. William died on Sep 01 1903 in Burton Leonard; he was 65.

  In 1862, when William was 23, he married Henrietta Margaret TODD.
  They had the following children ...
             i.      George HUTCHINSON (b.1863)
            ii.      John Thomas HUTCHINSON (b.1865)
            iii.      Charles Albert HUTCHINSON (b.1867)
           iv.      Thomas HUTCHINSON (b.1867)
            v.      Henrietta HUTCHINSON (b.1869)
           vi.      William Ernest HUTCHINSON, b.1871 (b.1871)
           vii.      Nora HUTCHINSON (b.1873)
          viii.      Amy HUTCHINSON (b.1876)
            ix.      Martha HUTCHINSON (b.1876)
   3       x.      Elizabeth HUTCHINSON (1879 - 1966)
            xi.      Frederick HUTCHINSON (b.1880)
            xii.      Arthur HUTCHINSON (b.1884)
           xiii.      Ada Alice HUTCHINSON (1887 - 1887)
  7. Henrietta Margaret TODD.  Born on Oct 25 1841 in Nosterfield Yorks. Henrietta died on Oct 15 1899 in Burton Leonard; she was 57.

 Generation No. 4 ~ Maternal

  12. Charles HUTCHINSON, b.1795. Born on Jan 27 1795 in Cold Kirby, Yorks.

  On Jun 20 1835, when Charles was 40, he married Martha WARRINER.
  They had the following children ...
             i.      George HUTCHINSON, b.1836 (b.1836)
  6        ii.      William HUTCHINSON (1838 - 1903)
            iii.      Jane HUTCHINSON (1840 - 1880)
            iv.      Sarah HUTCHINSON (b.1842)
             v.      Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, b.1848 (b.1848)
            vi.      Martha H HUTCHINSON, b.1850 (b.1850)
            vii.      Hannah HUTCHINSON (b.1856)
  13. Martha WARRINER. Born in 1817 in Old Malton, Yorks.  

  14. Thomas TODD. Born in 1803 in Nosterfield / West Tanfield, Yorkshire.  He died on 31 August 1860 and is buried in the Churchyard of St                 Nicholas in West Tanfield

  On Mar 07 1825, when Thomas was 22, he married Elizabeth (Bessy) BOLTON.
  They had the following children ...
             i.      Thomas TODD, b.1826 (b.1826)
             ii.      Hannah TODD (b.1827)
            iii.      John TODD (b.1828)
            iv.      Mary TODD (b.1830)
             v.      Maria TODD (b.1832)
            vi.      Charles TODD (b.1834)
            vii.      Elizabeth TODD (b.1838)
           viii.      William TODD (b.1839)
  7       ix.      Henrietta Margaret TODD (1841 - 1899)
             x.      Bessey TODD (b.1844)
            xi.      Alice TODD (1846 - 1854)
            xii.      George TODD (b.1849)
  15. Elizabeth (Bessy) BOLTON . Born in 1805 in Barningham, Yorks.  She died 28 March 1855 and is buried in the Churchyard of St Nicholas in         West Tanfield

  Generation No. 5 ~ Maternal


  24. William HUTCHINSON, b.1770. Born in 1770 in Cold Kirby, Yorks. William died on Apr 08 1846; he was 76.

  William married Sarah SMITH, b.1770.
  They had the following children ...
   12       i.      Charles HUTCHINSON, b.1795 (b.1795)
               ii.      William HUTCHINSON, b.1801 (b.1801)
  25. Sarah SMITH, b.1770. Born in 1770 in Cold Kirby, Yorks. Sarah died on May 04 1852; she was 82.

  28. John TODD, b.1771. Born in 1771 in West Tanfield, Yorks, England.

  John married Alice BUCKLE.
  They had the following children ...
               i.      George TODD, b.1791 (b.1791)
               ii.      Ann TODD (b.1793)
              iii.      Alice TODD, b.1795 (b.1795)
              iv.      Mary TODD, b.1797 (b.1797)
               v.      John TODD, b.1799 (b.1799)
  14       vi.      Thomas TODD (b.1803)
              vii.      Ann TODD, b.1806 (b.1806)
             viii.      William TODD, b.1809 (b.1809)
  29. Alice BUCKLE. Born in 1771 in Burneston, Yorks, England.

  30. George BOLTON. Born in 1781 in West Tanfield, Yorks, England.

  George married Margaret BOLTON.
  They had the following children ...
    15       i.      Elizabeth (Bessy) BOLTON (b.1805)
               ii.      George BOLTON, b.1807 (b.1807)
               iii.      Margaret BOLTON, b.1809 (b.1809)
              iv.      John BOLTON (b.1812)
               v.      Mary BOLTON (b.1815)
              vi.      Hannah BOLTON (b.1818)
31. Margaret BOLTON. Born in 1773 in West Tanfield, Yorks, England.

 Generation No. 6 ~ Maternal

  56. unknown (FATHER).

  unkown (FATHER) probably did not marry Alice TODD, b.1748.
  They had one known child ...
      28       i.      John TODD, b.1771 (b.1771)
  57. Alice TODD, b.1748. Born in 1748 in West Tanfield, Yorks, England.

  60. John BOLTON, b.1735. Born in 1735 in West Tanfield, Yorks.

  John married Hannah UNKNOWN.
  They had the following children ...
               i.      Dorothy BOLTON (b.1762)
              ii.      George BOLTON, b.1764 (b.1764)
              iii.      Hannah BOLTON, b.1767 (b.1767)
             iv.      John BOLTON, b.1769 (b.1769)
              v.      Thomas BOLTON, b.1769 (b.1769)
              vi.      John BOLTON, b.1771 (b.1771)
             vii.      Christiana BOLTON (b.1775)
             viii.      William BOLTON (b.1779)
  30       ix.      George BOLTON (b.1781)
              x.      James BOLTON (b.1783)
  61. Hannah UNKNOWN.

   62. Thomas BOLTON. Born in 1744 in Yorks, England. Thomas died on Apr 28 1828 in West Tanfield, Yorks; he was 84.

  Thomas married Elizabeth BURN.
  They had the following children ...
               i.      Jane BOLTON (1768 - 1838)
               ii.      Elizabeth BOLTON (b.1770)
  31       iii.      Margaret BOLTON (b.1773)
              iv.      George BOLTON, b.1776 (1776 - 1862)
              v.      Thomas BOLTON, b.1780 (b.1780)
             vi.      John BOLTON, b.1784 (b.1784)
             vii.      William BOLTON (1791 - 1812)
  63. Elizabeth BURN. Born in 1744 in Yorks, England. Elizabeth died on Nov 19 1837 in West Tanfield, Yorks; she was 93.

 Generation No. 7 ~ Maternal

  114. John TODD, b.1710. Born in 1710 in Yorks, England.

  John married Ann UNKNOWN.
  They had one  known child ...
      57       i.      Alice TODD, b.1748 (b.1748)
  115. Ann UNKNOWN. Born in 1720 in Yorks, England.

  126. Thomas BURN. Born in 1710 in Yorks?, England.

  Thomas married Jane UNKNOWN.
  They had one child ...
      63       i.      Elizabeth BURN (1744 - 1837)
  127. Jane UNKNOWN. Born in 1710 in Yorks?, England.

 Generation No. 8 ~ Maternal

  228. Matthew TODD. Born in 1680 in Yorks, England.

  Matthew married Ann UNKNOWN, b.1680.
  They had one known child ...
      114       i.      John TODD, b.1710 (b.1710)
  229. Ann UNKNOWN, b.1680. Born in 1680 in Yorks, England.

 Who, What, When & Where ~ The Hutchinson's

  • William Hutchinson was born on 22 June 1838 at Cold Kirby to Charles Hutchinson, Agricultural Labourer and Martha Hutchinson formerly Warriner.  Birth registered at Helmsley in the County of York West Riding

  • 1841 Census ~  William Hutchinson age 70yrs, an Ag Lab was living in Cold Kirby with Sarah also age 70, John age 10, Robert age 3, William age 40 - an Ag Lab, Maria age 35, Mary age 14, Jane age 11, William age 8 and Hannah age 4.  All were born in county.

  • 1841 Census ~ Charles Hutchinson age 40yrs, an Ag Lab was living with Martha age 30, George age 4, William age 2 and Jane age 3mths in Cold Kirby.  All were born in county.

  • 1851 Census ~ Charles Hutchinson age 55yrs of Cold Kirby, an Ag Lab was living in Harum with wife Martha age 34 of Old Malton, daughters Jane age 11, Sarah age 7, Elizabeth age 3, Martha age 9mths and mother Sarah Hutchinson of Cold Kirby age 81.

  • 1851 Census ~  William Hutchinson age 12 of Harum was an Ag Lab, living at Rye House in Harum with Farmer Thomas Jewison.

  • 1861 Census ~  Charles Hutchinson age 65yrs of  Cold Kirby, an Ag Lab was living in 'village', Harum with wife Martha age 42 of Malton, daughters Sarah age 18, a Servant, Elizabeth age 13, a Nursemaid, Martha age 11, Hanna age 5, married daughter Jane Sunley age 20 and grandson Charles Sunley age 7mths.

  • 1861 Census ~ William Hutchinson of Cold Kirby age 22, a Journeyman Blacksmith employed by and living with the family of John Jacques in 'Nosterfield Private'

  • 1871 Census ~ Martha Hutchinson of Burythorpe, a widow age 53 was living at Harum, Helmsley.  With her at the census was grandson William Hutchinson of Harum age 1

  • 1871 Census - William was 32yrs old, born in Cold Kirby and living in Bishop Monkton as a Master Blacksmith

  • 1881 Census ~ Martha Hutchinson, a widow age 66 of Berrythorpe, was living at Harome with widowed daughter Martha H Wilson age 31, grandsons William Hutchinson age 11, George Wilson age 8, Thomas age 4 and a visitor - Elizabeth Read age 64

  • 1891 Census – William was 52, born in Cold Kirby and living in Bishop Monkton as a Blacksmith

  • 1901 Census – A widowed William was age 62yrs and living in Bishop Monkton. His occupation was Blacksmith (own account)

  • 1903 – William’s death was registered. He died on 1 September 1903 in Bishop Monkton

 Who, What, When & Where ~ The Todd's

  • 1841 Census - John Todd, an Ag Lab aged 70 was living alone at West Tanfield

  • 1851 Census - John Todd, and 80yr old widower born in Nosterfield was living at West Tanfield.  Occupation - Ag Lab formerly Farmer

  • 1841 Census -  Tho Todd, Farmer aged 35, Farmer living in Nosterfield, West Tanfield with Betsey aged 35, Tho aged 15, Hannah aged 14, John aged 13, Mary aged 11, Maria aged 9, Charles aged 7, Eliza aged 4 and William aged 2; all born in county

  • Henrietta Todd was born on 25 October 1841 at Nosterfield, West Tanfield to Thomas Todd, Farmer and Betsey Todd (formerly Bolton), the Informant being Thomas Todd, registered at Ripon in the County of York in the sub-district of Sutton Howgrave

  • 1851 Census – Henrietta born in Nosterfield, was age 9yrs, living with her parents Thomas & Bessey at Nosterfield, West Tanfield

  • 1861 Census – Margret H Todd born in Nosterfield, was age 19yrs was a ‘Farmer’s daughter’ (even though parents were deceased) was living with 2 brothers (Charles & George), sister Bessy and 2 nephews at ‘Private Farm House’, Nosterfield

  • 1871 Census – Henrietta was age 28yrs, born in Nosterfield she was married and living at Bishop Monkton

  • 1881 Census – Henrietta born in West Tanfield age 39yrs and daughter Elizabeth age 1yr were visiting her married sister Bessy Barker and family at Oatlands Farm, Bilton cum Harrogate.

  • 1891 Census – Margaret H Hutchinson, born in Tanfield and living in Bishop Monkton was age 49yrs

  • Margaret H Hutchinson – death registered at Qtr December 1899 in Ripon; she died on 15 October 1899 at 56yrs old

 Who, What, When & Where ~ The Bolton's

  • 1841 Census - George Bolton aged 60,  a Butcher was living in West Tanfield with Margaret also aged 60, John aged 25, Mary aged 30, Hannah aged 20 and Thomas aged 2;  all were born in county

  • 1851 Census - George Bolton aged 70, born in Tanfield was a Butcher living in West Tanfield with wife Margaret aged 75 and grandchildren Elizabeth aged 16, a House Servant, George aged 12 and William aged 10

  • 1861 Census - A widowed Margaret Bolton aged 87, a Retired Fundholder was living on Church Street in West Tanfield with her grandchildren William Bolton aged 20, An Ag Lab, Margaret E (Visitor and Housekeeper) and George Bolton, her great grandson aged 2;  all born in West Tanfield