The Family History of Janet Lovesey

 The Harris Family of Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire & Hatton, Warwickshire

My great grandmother Sarah Jane Lovesey (nee Harris) is on the left of the photo. Pictured with her are her parents ~ father Thomas Harris and  mother Ann Harris (nee Shirley).

This photograph would have been taken around 1896 before Sarah Jane (or Jinny as she was known) married Charles Lovesey.  This location seems to be a popular spot for family photo's... it was taken outside their home in the Village of Hatton (famous for a series of 21 locks on the Grand Union Canal) in the County of Warwickshire.

Thomas Harris was born on the 12 March 1838 in Aston le Walls, the son of John Harris and Ann Harris nee Atkins; his birth was registered at Cropredy, Banbury.  His wife Ann Shirley was born on 2 December 1841 in Kenilworth.  They married on 20 October 1860 at the Parish Church of St Nicholas in Warwick...

Generation No.2 ~ Maternal

3. Sarah Jane HARRIS. Born on Feb 28 1879 in Hatton, Warwickshire. Sarah died on Apr 02 1932 in Birmingham; she was 53.
In 1900, when Sarah Jane was 21, she married Charles LOVESEY.
They had the following children ...
            i.        Evelyn Pearl LOVESEY (1902 - 1968)
            ii.       William Thomas LOVESEY (1905 - 1974)
            iii.      Cyril LOVESEY (b.1908)
   1      iv.      Leonard Charles LOVESEY (1916 - 1977)
2. Charles LOVESEY. Born on Jul 19 1878 in Cropthorne Worcestershire, England. Charles died in 1948 in Birmingham; he was 69

Generation No.3 ~ Maternal

6. Thomas HARRIS. Born on Mar 12 1838 in Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas died on Sep 04 1907 in Hatton; he was 69.

On Oct 12 1860, when Thomas was 22, he married Ann SHIRLEY.
They had the following children ...
            i.        Henry Edward HARRIS (1861 - 1861)
            ii.        Eliza Ann HARRIS (b.1862 - 1924)
            iii.       Ann HARRIS (b.1864 - 1947)
            iv.      Thomas G HARRIS (b.1877 - 1881)
  3       v.       Sarah Jane HARRIS (1879 - 1932)
7. Ann SHIRLEY. Born on Dec 02 1841 in Kenilworth Warks. Ann died on Nov 29 1928 in Birmingham Warks; she was 86.

Thomas died on the 4 September 1907 and was interred at Hatton Church. 

Ann Harris lived to the ripe old age of 87, dying on the 29 November 1928.  She spent the last few years of her life living in  Birmingham - the home of her daughters.  Wherever she died, she was interred next to Thomas in Hatton Churchyard.

Generation No.4 ~ Maternal

 12. John HARRIS. Born in 1807 in Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire, England. John died on Sep 05 1885 in Aston le Walls; he was 78.

On Jun 27 1832, when John was 25, he married Ann ATKINS.
They had the following children ...
            i.        Elizabeth HARRIS, b.1836 (b.1836)
  6       ii.        Thomas HARRIS (1838 - 1907)
            iii.       John HARRIS, b.1840 (1840 - 1920)
            iv.       Henry HARRIS (b.1842)
            v.       Benjamin HARRIS, b.1847 (b.1847)
            vi.       George HARRIS, b.1850 (b.1850)
            vii.      Eliza HARRIS (b.1852)
13. Ann ATKINS. Born in 1807 in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England. Ann died on Oct 08 1891 in Aston le Walls, N`hants; she was 84.

14. Joseph SHIRLEY. Born in 1821 in Barford St Michael, Oxford. Joseph died in 1903; he was 82.

Joseph married Eliza HARRISON.
They had the following children ...
  7       i.         Ann SHIRLEY (1841 - 1928)
            ii.        Jane SHIRLEY (b.1843)
            iii.        Lydia Eliza Harrison SHIRLEY (1844 - 1878)
            iv.       Hannah Harrison SHIRLEY (b.1847)
            v.       William Henry Harrison SHIRLEY (1850 - 1899)
            vi.       Susannah SHIRLEY (b.1853)
            vii.      Louisa Elizabeth SHIRLEY (1857 - 1861)
15. Eliza HARRISON. Born in 1821 in Kenilworth, Warks. Eliza died in 1891; she was 70.

Generation No.5 ~ Maternal

24. John HARRIS, b.1777. Born in 1777 in Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire.

John married Mary UNKNOWN.
They had the following children ...
            i.         Benjamin HARRIS (b.1801)
            ii.        Ann HARRIS, b.1804 (b.1804)
 2        iii.       John HARRIS (1807 - 1885)
            iv.       William HARRIS, b.1811 (b.1811)
            v.       Thomas HARRIS, b.1814 (1814 - 1897)
            vi.       Benjamin HARRIS, b.1816 (b.1816)
            vii.       George HARRIS (b.1818)
            viii.      Mary HARRIS, b.1822 (b.1822)
25. Mary UNKNOWN. Born in 1780 in N`hants?.

26. William ATKINS. Born in 1782 in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England. William died on Apr 21 1859 in Long Itchington, Warks; he was 77.

On Oct 11 1802, when William was 20, he married Elizabeth WILSON, b.1780.
They had the following children ...
            i.        Mary ATKINS (b.1803)
            ii.        Elizabeth ATKINS (b.1805)
13       iii.      Ann ATKINS (1807 - 1891)
            iv.      Joseph ATKINS (b.1810)
            v.       Sarah ATKINS (b.1813)
            vi.       Katherine ATKINS (b.1815)
            vii.      William ATKINS, b.1817 (b.1817)
            viii.     Thomas ATKINS (b.1820)
27. Elizabeth WILSON, b.1780. Born in 1780 in Oxfordshire, England. Elizabeth died on Jan 03 1857 in Long Itchington; she was 77.

28. Edward SHIRLEY. Born in 1773 in Barford St Michael, Oxford. Edward died on Jan 10 1855; he was 82.

Edward married Ann UNKNOWN, b.1773.
They had one known child ...
  14       i.      Joseph SHIRLEY (1821 - 1903)
29. Ann UNKNOWN, b.1773. Born in 1773 in Oxford?.

30. Joseph HARRISON. Born in 1783 in Kenilworth.

Joseph married Ann UNKNOWN, b.1784.
They had one known child ...
   15       i.      Eliza HARRISON (1821 - 1891)
31. Ann UNKNOWN, b.1784. Born in 1784 in Warks?.

Generation No.6 ~ Maternal

48. John HARRIS. Born in 1745 in N`hants. John died on Nov 10 1805 in Aston le Walls, N`hants; he was 60.

On Dec 27 1775, when John was 30, he married Ann BATCHELOR.
They had the following children ...
            i.       Mary HARRIS (b.1769)
24       ii.      John HARRIS, b.1777 (b.1777)
            iii.      Elizabeth HARRIS (1785 - 1792)
49. Ann BATCHELOR. Born in Northamptonshire?, England. Ann died on Jan 1806 in Aston le Walls, N`hants.

52. Joseph ATKINS. Born on Jan 1728 in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England.

Joseph married Mary UNKNOWN, b.1755.
They had the following children ...
            i.       Ann ATKINS, b.1773 (b.1773)
            ii.       Mary ATKINS, b.1778 (b.1778)
26       iii.      William ATKINS (1782 - 1859)
53. Mary UNKNOWN, b.1755. Born in 1755 in Warwickshire ?, England. Mary died on Oct 1828 in Long Itchington; she was 73.

56. William SHIRLEY. Born in 1745 in Oxford?.

William married Ann BUTTELL.
They had one known child ...
 28       i.      Edward SHIRLEY (1773 - 1855)
57. Ann BUTTELL. Born in 1745 in Oxford?, England.

60. John HARRISON. Born in 1750 in Warks?.

John married Jane UNKNOWN, b.1755.
They had one known child ...
  30       i.      Joseph HARRISON (b.1783)
61. Jane UNKNOWN, b.1755. Born in 1755 in Warks?.

Generation No.7 ~ Maternal

96. Sylvester HARRIS. Born in 1688 in Boddington, N`hants. Sylvester died in 1771 in Boddington, N`hants; he was 83.

On Feb 11 1726, when Sylvester was 38, he married Sarah TRESLER.
They had the following children ...
            i.        Sarah HARRIS, b.1728 (b.1728)
            ii.       Anna HARRIS (b.1729)
            iii.       Mary HARRIS, b.1731 (b.1731)
            iv.       Patientia HARRIS (b.1733)
            v.       Silvester HARRIS (b.1735)
            vi.       Elizabeth HARRIS, b.1739 (b.1739)
48       vii.      John HARRIS (1745 - 1805)
97. Sarah TRESLER. Died on Sep 1772 in Boddington, N`hants.

98. Francis BATCHELOR. Born in Boddington, N`hants.

Francis married Mary UNKNOWN
They had one known child ...
  49       i.      Ann BATCHELOR (???? - 1806)
99. Mary UNKNOWN.

104. Joseph ATKINS, I.

On Oct 02 1726, Joseph married Catherine SMALLBONES.
They had one child ...
  52       i.      Joseph ATKINS (b.1728)
105. Catherine SMALLBONES. Born in 1704 in Stockton, Warks.

Generation No.8 ~ Maternal

192. John HARRIS, d.1718. Died in 1718 in Boddington, N`hants.

John married Elizabeth UNKNOWN., d.1713.
They had one known child ...
 96       i.      Sylvester HARRIS (1688 - 1771)
193. Elizabeth UNKNOWN., d.1713. Died in 1713 in Boddington, N`hants.

194. Edward TRESLER.

On Feb 19 1689, Edward married Mary LAMPREY.
They had one known child ...
 97       i.      Sarah TRESLER (???? - 1772)
195. Mary LAMPREY. Born in 1672 in Boddington, N`hants.

196. John BATCHELOR.
John married UNKNOWN.
They had one known child
 98.     i.       Francis BATCHELOR.

210. Joseph SMALLBONES. Died on Sep 1729 in Stockton, Warks.

On Oct 01 1694, Joseph married Margaret WALKER.
They had the following children ...
               i.        Mary SMALLBONES (b.1695)
               ii.       John SMALLBONES (b.1696)
               iii.      Thomas SMALLBONES (b.1700)
105       iv.      Catherine SMALLBONES (b.1704)
211. Margaret WALKER.

Generation No.9 ~ Maternal

390. Thomas LAMPREY.

Thomas married Ann UNKNOWN, I.
They had one child ...
 195       i.      Mary LAMPREY (b.1672)
391. Ann UNKNOWN, I.

392. William BATCHELOR. Died on Aug 1728 in Boddington, N`hant.

William married UNKNOWN
They had one known child
 196.     i.      John Batchelor

Who, What, When & Where ~ Harris

o 1838 – Thomas Harris was born on 12 March 1838 at 2 o’clock at Aston le Walls (unusual that the time is given as no twin can be found) to John Harris and Ann formerly Atkins.

o 1841 Census – John Harris (Lab’r) was living in Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire with his wife Ann  Snr and young family

o 1851 Census – John Harris (Ag Lab), Ann Snr & family were living in the village of Aston le Walls

o 1860 – Thomas Harris (Lab’r) married Ann Shirley at the Parish Church of St Nicolas in Warwick. Both were residing at Avon Street, Warwick

o 1861 Census – John Harris (Ag Lab), Ann Snr & family were still living in the village of Aston le Walls

o 1861 Census – Thomas Harris (Carter) & Ann were living in Shrewley, Warks

o 1871 Census – John Harris Snr (Ag Lab), Ann Snr were still living in Aston le Walls with their family

o 1871 Census – Thomas Harris (Lab’r), Ann & daughter Ann were living at 113 Nechells Place, Duddeston & Nechells, Aston

o 1871 Census – Eliza Ann Harris is staying with her aunt Jane Batchelor (nee Shirley) in Haseley, Warks; also with them is Eliza's grandmother Eliza Shirley

o 1881 Census – John Harris (formerly Ag Lab), Ann Snr and daughter Elizabeth were still living in the village of Aston le Walls, N’hants

o 1881 Census – Thomas Harris (Lab’r in Gen), Ann & family were living in the village of Hatton, Warwickshire

o 1881 Census – Eliza Ann Harris is a servant at 23 Vauxhall Grove, Duddeston and Nechells

o 1882 -  Eliza Ann Harris marries John Davey on 7 May in Hatton

o 1884 -  Ann Harris marries George Merry in Hatton

o 1891 Census – Ann Harris Snr is a widow, living with her daughter Elizabeth (an imbecile), grandson Henry Harris and his wife and children in Aston le Walls

o 1891 Census – Thomas Harris (Farm Lab’r), Ann & family were still living in the village of Hatton

o 1901 Census – Thomas Harris (Lab’r in Gen) & Ann were still at Hatton.

o 1911 Census – Ann Harris (nee Shirley) is a widow, living in Hatton, Warks.

The Shirley Family of Warwickshire & Oxfordshire

Ann Shirley was born on 2 December 1841 in Kenilworth, the daughter of Joseph Shirley of Great Barford in Oxfordshire and Eliza Harrison born  1821 in Kenilworth.  Joseph came from a long line of Oxfordshire Shirley's:                                                                                                            
His father was Edward Shirley, b.c. 1772 in Barford, grandfather ~ William Shirley, b.c. 1744 in Lower Heyford and his great grandfather ~ John Shirley, b.c.1702 also in Lower Heyford.

The 'Wanted Notice' that appears below dates from 1770 and possibly relates to the William Shirley named above.

 Translated, this notice says...                                                                                                              'WHEREAS one WILLIAM SHIRLEY about the 13th of October last, absconded from the  Parish of Great Rollright in the County of Oxford, and left his wife chargeable to the said Parish:  Therefore this notice is given, that if the said William Shirley will immediately return to his wife, the Parish will not prosecute him for the offence; otherwise whoever apprehends and secures him, shall receive a reward of Five Pounds and all reasonable charges.                                                                                                                            JOHN BAUGHAN, Churchwarden                                                                                                         GEORGE BAILEY, Overseer                                                                                                                                                                       NB  He is a fresh complexioned strong-built man, about 5 feet 6 inches high, with light brown hair; and is supposed to have been hired at Charlbury Fair

Who, What, When & Where ~ Shirley

   o 1840 - October 12 1840, Joseph Shirley married Eliza Harrison at the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Kenilworth, witnessed by Thomas Painter and
   Jane Harrison

   o 1841 Census - Joseph and Eliza were living at Castle End, Kenilworth, he was an Ag Lab

   o 1851 Census – Joseph Shirley was an Ag Lab living at Castle End, Kenilworth with wife Eliza and family


   o 1861 Census – Joseph Shirley were living at Mousley End, Rowington; Joseph was a Shepherd

   o 1871 Census - Joseph Shirley is now a General Labourer living at No.2 Browns Buildings back of 46 Cromwell St, Nechells (his wife Eliza was in    
   Haseley with daughter Jane)

   o 1881 Census - Joseph and Eliza are living at Washwood Heath Road, parish of Aston; he is a Labourer

   o 1891 Census - Joseph is a widower living at 5 Lowan's Terrace, Clayton Road, Saltley with his son William and family

   o 1901 Census - Joseph was a pauper living in the Warwick Union Workhouse at Warwick, St Nicholas

   o 1903 - Joseph died as a pauper in the Warwick Union Workhouse and was buried at Hatton